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Just Launched! Hope you enjoy coloring!

Check out my link on Amazon here:

Do you love chameleons and their amazing ability to change colors and blend in with their environment? Do you want to relax and have fun while coloring beautiful and detailed illustrations of these fascinating reptiles and their natural habitats? If so, then this coloring book is for you!

The Chameleon Family Coloring Book is a creative and fanciful paperback book for adults, or families with parents and teens, who want to enjoy the benefits of coloring for relaxation, meditation, and more. It features over 30 original black and white images and sketches printed on single sided paper, filled with all types of chameleons and other reptiles, some of them hidden in their lush and exotic surroundings. You can use colored pencils, pens, or crayons to bring these images to life, while learning some interesting facts about chameleons around the world.

This coloring book is inspired by the author's previous dual-language book, The Chameleon Family: HELP SAVE THE WORLD!, which follows the adventures of Marty, a biologist who loves chameleons and raises them to protect them from extinction. He and his family have many pets, but their favorites are the colorful and amazing chameleons that can help save the planet with their special abilities. The author, Janet Schwartz, is a well published journalist and illustrator who has a passion for chameleons and their conservation.

The Chameleon Family Coloring Book is a perfect gift for anyone who loves chameleons, reptiles, nature, or coloring. It will provide hours of entertainment and relaxation, while stimulating your creativity and imagination. Order your copy today and discover the magic of chameleons!

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